From a 2D Sketch to a 3D Model


>> Here I’m back again ^^ I’ve been busy with a lot of private stuff the last months <<

I’m currently attending this online course: Interactive Computer Graphics offered by the University of Tokyo and held by Takeo Igarashi.

Since this course is very interesting (and exhausting), representing different graphics system developed by Igarashi et al (Amazing what the guys are making!), I thought about sharing the new ideas I’m learning here. I’ll be showing some of my works for this course, which I think worth spreading.

The System of this Week: Teddy

And here I start with the third week of the course: The system is just called “Teddy”. The idea behind it is very useful: The user draws a 2D sketch and get instantly a 3D shape out of it.

Here is the intruduction of the makers “Teddy is a sketch-based modeling system to quickly and easily design freeform models such as stuffed animals and other rotund objects. The user draws several 2D freeform strokes interactively on the screen and the system automatically constructs plausible 3D polygonal surfaces.”

The interesting about this system is that it does the most job for the user. That means you just have to draw few lines and you get a cool 3D model (which might look not really professional, but very usefull for exlanatory issues). What needs several minutes to be done with professional software like 3Ds Max or Blender3D, can be done within a few seconds with Teddy! (Again, it’s only for sketching ideas and not for professional looking polished models).

Here is the page of the project, including a demo video and a link to the live applet which you can try. And here is the link to the original paper.

For the course I had to create a visual one pager explanation of the algorithm and here it is.

Finally Diablo III: My Short Review


Diablo III: My Gear

I just finished Diablo III in the forth degree of difficulty (Inferno) and killed The famous Diablo for the fourth and last time with the Barbarian in the Paragon-level 6.

For those who do not know what this is: Paragon-Levels can be reached after the level 60. The highest Paragon-Level can be reach is 100. If you’re playing in the Normal-Mode, reaching the Paragon level 10 will change the playing mode to Hardcore. Where you can die only once!
Now for people who don’t know Diablo at all:
Diablo is a one role playing game, one of the most successful games of Blizzard Entertainment, the american game company which made World of Warcraft. “Diablo I” was releasd in 1996 and many people, magazines consider it as the best PC game ever. In 2000 came Diablo II to the markt and was very successful as well. After 12 years of waiting came finally the third game.

Start the Game

Let’s start with the start. You can download the game or get it on a physical medium, install it. Register the licence code with your email and a password. Then you can start to play.
You can play alone or with others and that’s fine. But you should play only online! and that’s shitty because you can easily lose the connection to the server. In my case it won’t connect any more only if i close quit the whole game and open it again. In addition I should enter password every time i start the game, even if I enable the checkbox “remember this account”, I’m not sure wether this is a common issue.

What’s New or Special

If you played D2 you should still have in mind that blue sphere (looking like a magic ball) in the HUD .. The Mana!

For Barbarian this property is replaced by the Fury, which can be gained through hitting enemies or objects. This replacement has an adventage that your charachter does not get tired at all, however if you havn’t enough fury to execute some special attacks to defend yourself from powerful monsters, you have to run away.

A new and very fine feature in the game is that you get a follower for the whole game, which you can equip and make stronger. My compagnion the Enchantress helped me a lot through the game after I gave her some powerful stuff, such as a rare two-handed axe with 639 damage points per second. With such gear her damage reached nearly the quarter of mine. I think it’s a nice idea to have a person fighting with you and reducing teh damage you get, though there is one boring thing about that guy. She does not stop to talk and repeat the same recorded few sentences every 10 minutes.

To the Game

Maybe I’m one of the few players, who found D3 as good as D2. All of my friends, who played this 3rd Edition were not really enthuseastic after playing the first levels of the game and just abondonned (by the way I want to thank my Friend, who gave me his DVD and playing Code after he get bored).

Another friend of mine – a regular player guy! – told me that it’s just Diablo II in 3D with some fancy graphics, but nothing worth twelve years of waiting. Personally I was trying to find Diablo II – and find some time as well – to play it again since about three years, but I didn’t get the opportunity. And Diablo III was just that opportunity!

Behind that I wanted to comment  the online playing with strangers, that I did only once and then never more, because it wasn’t funny at all, at least for me, to see people picking up the stuff you’re fighting for. But it was interesting and so easy to play, although I read once in the D3 website that in party-plays the monsters get stronger – But apparently not strong enough to beat a bunch of tough worriors xD -

My Conclusion

I have just a short conclusion for my short review: Play the game, follow the story and try to enjoy it – before you judge it ;-)

My new iOS app is out: Stop the Bomb the Full version


(Since I didn’t extend the provisioning profiles, my Apps are not available anymore on the AppStore)

After the mini game “Stop the Bomb mini” which consists of ten levels, here comes the Full version with 100 levels.

- This game is free to play. All levels are unlockable even though some of them are not really easy. You should be patient and fast at the same time to stop the 100 bombs.

 Here is a video of the mini Game: (to discover the full game in the AppStore click the link below)

For those who are impatient I built an “unlock-all-levels” option which can be puchased during the game for 1 USD.

Again to this game: The goal is to deactivate the bomb in 30 seconds!

All the instructions you need to know:
- The bomb readiness to explosion (top right of the screen) depends of the speed of the bomb.
- To deactivate the bomb, let it touch the ground before it time is out!

>>> The first 10 people done with all levels get a promo code for my next games!

Play, have Fun and Share this game to support such free games!

Click here to go to the game in AppStore.

Boomba mini - for iPhone

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