Stop The Bomb – Mobile Game

(Since I didn’t extend the provisioning profiles, my Apps are not available anymore on the AppStore)

Stop The Bomb (a.k.a. Boomba) is my first mobile game I made for iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch).

  • Goal: It’s a physics game where you should bring a time-bomb to touch the ground before it explodes. A Full version with 100 Levels is now available!
  • How to Play: The only action you can take during playing is to touch the grey bricks and make them disappear.

! It’s worth mentioning that the bomb is also speed-sensitive, i.e. if it moves very fast it might expode. So the payer should keep an eye on the indicator on the top right of the screen. This mini game consists of only ten levels, which are not really easy to solve.

Get it and have Fun!

A mini and a FULL version are now available in the AppStore. (Both are free of charge)

Your rating or your review could be helpful to support such free apps ;-)

-> For iPhone
Boomba mini - for iPhone

-> For iPad
StopTheBomb mini - for iPad

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