BugArena – Mobile Game

(Since I didn’t extend the provisioning profiles, my Apps are not available anymore on the AppStore)

Here is my second mobile game ..

Goal of the game: get the maximum of points and master the game by smashing the most of the green bugs and avoiding the red ones.

Instruction: touch the green bugs to get more points and go to the next level. Don’t miss the multicolorful bonus flowers which can help you.

This mobile game has three playmodes:

  • Single play: play freely with no limitation of time. The only thing which can end the game is the loss of all of your life points.
  • One minute: you have one minute to get the maximum of points and try not to lose any life points. The rest of your life points gives you bonus points at the end of the game. Game is over when the time ends or if you lose all of your life points.
  • Two player: this mode consists of two playfields, where every player should smash bugs having the same color as his field. If a player touches a bug with a different color than his field, the playfield remains smaller. This game ends when of the player reachs the max of the points or if of one of the playfields becomes very small.

For iPhone

For iPad

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Me on iTunes: Hou@AppStore

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